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HCM proud to be members of Automotive Industries; UK Tooling Alliance and SMMT! 

HCM are members of the UK Tooling Alliance with is a specialised group of over 100 toolmakers who are audited and validated by the UK Tooling Alliance to deliver high-quality mould and press tools. HCM prides themselves on delivery high-quality tooling so to be a part of the Tooling Alliance only reinstates this.

We are also members of the SMMT who aim to support and promote the interests of the UK Automotive Industry. Using the input from members like ourselves, the SMMT acts as the voice of the motor industry to put across any views surrounding the major issues that impact of the automotive sector.

Client list

We are proud to have kept a large number of our clients for many years, our outstanding quality and flexible service is shown by the large number of world-wide automotive manufacturers who use components made via tooling manufactured by HCM.

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The tooling we manufacture is predominantly for Aluminium, Zinc and moulding companies. Read more...