We can design complete tooling from drawings, models, casting or CAD data. This includes customer liaison, technical advice and detailed drawings.

Our CAD/CAM system capabilities are under constant review and at present comprise full 3D CAD design, surface creation and modelling; full 3D CAM facilities to include cutter simulation for proving toolpaths and gouge checking etc.; utilities for communicating with other CAD/CAM systems i.e. Computer vision, SDRC, Pro-Engineer, Catia via data tapes or EDI links.

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The Castings Industry Is Growing

In the UK there are around 400 foundries. They are located in all parts of the country, with the main concentrations in the Midlands and South Yorkshire (Sheffield) area.

UK foundries produce precision engineered components worth around £2.2B annually, using all metals and alloys and a wide range of casting processes.

We have die casting companies, investment foundries and sand foundries, all producing parts for the advanced manufacturing sector, as well as a supply chain with companies who produce tooling, dies, patterns and simulation software for designing castings, as well as all the raw materials we use in the casting industry, plus the equipment to produce castings including furnaces, moulding equipment and for additive manufacturing.

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The UK Tooling Alliance and The SMMT

HCM proud to be members of Automotive Industries; UK Tooling Alliance and SMMT! 

Alan's Retirement

Alan Round officially retired from HCM at the end of october, after 15 years of outstanding service.