Established in 1969, HCM has developed into one of the UK's leading exponents in the manufacture of tooling for a European-wide base of Aluminium and Iron foundries responsible for supplying components to the World's Automotive and other Industries.

HCM considers its main asset to be the people it employs. Our highly skilled employees are supported by the company's continual recruitment and training scheme incorporating a structured modern apprenticeship programme.

We use continual quality control procedures within the project cycle from the design stage to the after-sales service and are accredited to BS EN ISO9001 : 2008.


  • We specialise in the design and manufacture of mould tools for the metals and plastic industries. We offer a guarantee of the products we manufacture.
  • We assist customers in the component development of the products to ensure the best quality of parts are cast or moulded.
  • We design and manufacture die casting machines, ancillary machines, jigs, fixtures to enable processing of the components.
  • We only use the best machines and processes are employed to maintain a world class quality tool.
  • We ensure the highest grade material, suitable for the process, is purchased and built into our tools to give the best tool life.

Best in the business


Complete supply network including welding, MAGMA solidifications, heat treatment, steels and hydraulics. Everything that you need from simple small die manufacture, design advice and prototyping to working jig supply and installation Over 40 years in business and still family owned and managed
Robust design - die life - how do we extend this? Table to show the benefits of tool quality and not buying cheap
Sort (Clear Out) Straighten (Configure)
Shine (Clean & Check) Standardise (Conformity)
Sustain (Custom & Practice) All the data that we supply, at all stages, belongs to our clients. A signed non-disclosure agreement is offered before data is exchanged.
Delivery promise - OTIF, QCD - Quality cost delivery statements   

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Sister Company

We can offer a "low cost" option from our sister company in Bangalore India.

Sister Company, India

Client list

We are proud to have kept a large number of our clients for many years, our outstanding quality and flexible service is shown by the large number of world-wide automotive manufacturers who use components made via tooling manufactured by HCM.

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The tooling we manufacture is predominantly for Aluminium, Zinc and moulding companies. Read more...